Tuesday, 4 April 2017

the most remote place on earth...?

Day 9
It feels like I spent most of the day doing the washing in between my watches. I've only just taken down and folded the last few garments and bed linen. It takes some time as there's only two small buckets but it was quite a nice therapeutic task to do on the aft deck and oddly I enjoyed being washerwoman for the day! I'll relish sleeping in some crisp clean linen tonight.

We had the lines out again today but no fish. The lures aren't lasting very well in the water though, whether it's wear n tear or big fish are biting at it without getting hooked I don't know, but they're losing their skirts.

Does anyone have any good fishing tips? We'd be so grateful for some suggestions!

I've really been on the look out today for more dolphins or whales and all the white horses and every splash teases me into believing it's something but it has been a disappointing day on the sightings front! The sunrise was lovely this morning but the rest of the day has been overcast. At least the wind has not been a disappointment and has kept up in the 20s.

Poor Papa's not feeling very well with a fever so we've put him to bed with paracetamol and are covering his watches although I know he's going to be stubborn about it. I hope it passes quickly and that he feels better tomorrow.

Day 10
We're over half way there now and on the final heading of 260 to Hiva Oa . It's not ideal as we're running with the wind behind us but we've maximised speed by having the genoa at goose wing to the main which has allowed us to also put out the staysail- so 3 sails up and there's no stopping us!

Still no fish! We are not to be defeated, however, and will persevere to catch our supper!

I'm on watch now and there's a threateningly inky dark cloud that's come to take away my starry night.. I'm not welcoming it and I might need to don my cagoule!

Day 11
We've had a few flying fish reach their sorry end as they misjudge their flight and land wii a crash on deck. So we've changed our tact and We have decided to try and attach it is a lure. Surely this will bring in the supper! Justin threaded its body very skilfully and securely with wire but we soon learned that the speed in which it's being dragged through the water just disintegrates it and it falls away so when we reel it in only the hook is left. We feel deflated and revert to our other lures.

I've been baking bread today and I've just taken out a lovely looking golden granary loaf from the oven... mmm the smell of freshly baked bread!

So yet another unsuccessful fishing day passes and my menu must change to garlic and ginger vegetable coconut curry in rice minus the fish accompanied by homemade lentil flour chapattis.

It feels like we're floating in the remotest place on earth.... is there anybody out thereeeeee???? Not even a dolphin to comfort the solitude or a plane to wave at... but quite wonderful nonetheless!

If you lovely people would like to comment on my blog or send me a message, I have a satellite email address pandaem@myiridium.net which works if the file size isn't too big so please not too lengthy and no attachments/ photos! It would be really nice to hear from you out here in the middle of this endless blue seascape!


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